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Product Range

Kingspan Powerpanel - Roof Glaze

Roof PowerPanel Module

Specific Kingspan insulated panels with a frame mounted module. Learn more


Kingspan Powerpanel - Roof Laminate

Roof PowerPanel Laminate

A range of insulated roof panels manufactured with a thin film laminate adhered directly to the surface.

Learn moreKingspan Powerpanel - Wall Glaze

Wall PowerPanel Module

A crystalline module fully integrated

with the façade of the building.

Learn more

Feed-in tariffs

Kingspan Powerpanel - BrochureA government legislation incentive for property owners to use renewable energy sources. Click here

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Kingspan Powerpanel - Brochure

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Kingspan Powerpanel - Brochure

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Kingspan PowerPanel Project Survey


Kingspan PowerPanel Project Survey PDF Click here