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Brook House

If you are in the business of advising people about the best ways to use renewable energy systems, it is important to practice what you preach, so when Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd (SES) came to refurbish one of their own buildings it made sense for them to take advantage of the new PowerPanel systems from Kingspan Insulated Panels.

The Kingspan PowerPanel range provides a number of solar photovoltaic options, but the system installed at the Brook House facility was the Kingspan Roof PowerPanel Laminate, which comprised a customised version of KS1000 LP Lo-Pitch insulated roof panels in Juniper Green with a thin film laminate adhered directly to the product’s external facing. This system has the advantage of completely integrating a thermally efficient building element with an energy producing solar photovoltaic. The thin film laminate used for the system is flexible and lightweight and is installed in the factory so the panels arrive on site solar ready.

Jon Kemp, Managing Director of SES commented “The Kingspan Roof PowerPanel Laminate system is a fast and effective way to integrate renewable energy generation into commercial buildings. The system includes the superior properties of the Kingspan insulated panel whilst integrating an unobtrusive photovoltaic panel capable of producing approximately 80% of the Building's energy requirements. It was a logical choice for us to use it on our own building”

The brick building being refurbished was originally part of a poultry farm, and had been standing disused for thirty one years before being taken over by the owners of SES and upgraded to provide a new training and storage facility. The choice to refurbish rather than demolish and rebuild meant that a very cost-effective work space could be obtained with a comparatively low carbon impact.

The factory-built single fix nature of the Roof PowerPanel Laminate system allows for quick and efficient installation helping to keep the costs down, and in this instance helping to achieve a tight timescale required for completion.

The new roof will also help to keep heating costs down, and the electricity generated by the Kingspan PowerPanel system will make the facility inexpensive to run. Furthermore, SES will be able to tap into the new Feed In Tariff, speeding up the payback period on their investment. It is expected that the development will enable expansion of the business, bringing employment and training to the local community, as well as providing a great example of renewable energy and thermally efficient building in action.

KS1000 LP Lo-Pitch utilises the same ECOsafe PIR insulation core as other Kingspan panels, which contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s and has a low Global Warming Potential. The insulated panels provide very low levels of air leakage and excellent thermal performance. Safety and fall restraint systems such as Kingspan Saferidge and Safetraxx can easily be incorporated.

The comprehensive Kingspan Total Guarantee, which covers both thermal and structural performance, is also available on Kingspan PowerPanel products.

























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